University degree: Food Chemist

• General chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry and chemical analysis.

• Metabolic biochemistry, molecular biology, microbiology, nutrition and human physiology.

• Applied statistics, infinitesimal calculus, design of experiments and unit operations.

• Technology of: dairy, meat, cereals, fruits and vegetables. Brewing of beer and wine.

• Development of new food products, legislation and hygiene.

Statistics and probability applied

Online specialization, Rice University:
Business statistics and analysis

Focused on the application of descriptive and inferential statistics in business environments, such as the use of measures of central tendency, probability distributions, hypothesis tests, confidence intervals and linear regressions; for better business decision making and reach objective conclusions in various situations within the company.

Stanford University:
Probabilistic Graphical Models 1, Representation

Used to code multivariate distributions over a large number of random variables; employing techniques of probability, statistics, discrete mathematics and computer science.

Useful for medical diagnosis, risk analysis, financial process simulation, artificial neural networks, machine learning; among many other applications.

Higher School of Economics, HSE:
Stochastic processes

Basic concepts of the theory of stochastic processes, types and most important characteristics; as well as methods to describe and analyze complex stochastic models.

Useful for making probabilistic predictions in different areas: investments, sales, population growth, etc.

École Supérieure des Sciences Économiques et Commerciales:
Foundations of marketing analytics

Use of R programming language and marketing concepts, applied in population segmentation and its subsequent analysis; to solve various problems from an administrative perspective.

56 hour bootcamp

Statistical methods in data exploration and modeling; as well as interpret and conclude, to solve problems in business, engineering and science.

Using the specialized language R

Time Series,
25 hour bootcamp

Mathematical analysis of time series present in various areas: demand for products, finance, scientific research, etc; to be able to make predictions of future processes.

Using the specialized language R

Data Science and Computing

Diploma "Computer Systems Technician"

Development of technical-professional skills focused on information technologies.

Module 1: Introduction to computing
• Computing, Finder

Module 2: Technical Support
• Installation and repair of computer equipment, Repair of cell phones and tablets

Module 3: Technical Support in networks
• Data networks, IT security and fiber optic installer

Online Specialization, Macquarie University:
Excel Skills for Business

Development of Excel skills usually used in business environments; handling data from efficient way, extraction of information for objective analysis and presentation of data for communication of results.

Google: Cloud Computing

Fundamentals of cloud computing.

Advantages, modalities, applications, information security and areas of opportunity in companies.

Data scientist,
88 hour bootcamp

Technical and theoretical skills to import, clean, manipulate and visualize data. Analyze them by statistical and machine learning techniques.

Using the specialized language R

Learn SQL

Online course of the digital technology learning platform, ONEMONTH.

SQL fundamentals such as: database creation, operations and queries through the use of SQL language statements; as well as its general analysis.

Operations Research

Online specialization, University of Minnesota:
Analytics for decision making

Focused on predictive models such as multiple linear regression, optimization of operations through linear programming and the use of simulation models; applied for correct decision making.

Mathematical analyzes that allow predicting and prescribing objective solutions of vital importance in various productive and business scenarios.

National Taiwan University:
Operations research 1, models and applications

Operations research is a crucial tool for optimizing various processes business and industrial, through the use of applied mathematics and computer science.

Solving optimization problems in business, administration, economics, computer science, industrial engineering, etc.

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Analysis of transport systems

Fundamentals of methodologies for administration, planning and analysis of passenger transport systems.

Application of graph theory, queuing theory
and Braess paradox; for design of transport networks.

Rutgers University:
Supply Chain Analytics Essentials

The supply chain is an essential part of any business, and it is possible to apply data science and statistics to analyze every aspect of it.

Applications in various domains of a supply chain: sales, logistics, production and supply. Crucial points where mathematical analysis allows to optimize processes and improve decision-making.

Network analysis,
16 hour bootcamp

Computer and mathematical techniques for analyzing networks of different types; identifying patterns and characteristics of the network, for different purposes.

Use of specialized language R

Administration and Marketing

Online specialization, University of Palermo:
Business Administration

Focused on the importance of strategic development in human capital management, the relevance of operational marketing and the use of tools to analyze and understand effectively the way in which the economic context influences the performance of companies.

Harvard Manage Mentor

Diploma sponsored by the Ministry of Economy (México); with methodology of
Harvard Business School Publishing

Development of managerial skills such as: coaching, problem solving, delegation of responsibilities, personnel management, marketing, performance evaluation, etc.

Project and business development

Development of entrepreneurial skills and related basic concepts.

Generation of ideas, business plan, business creation, regulations and procedures.

École Supérieure des Sciences Économiques et Commerciales:
Foundations Marketing Analytics

Use of R programming language and marketing concepts, applied in population segmentation and its subsequent analysis; to solve various problems from one point administrative and sales view.

Marketing analytics,
25 hour bootcamp

Analysis of purchases, data in social networks and texts, using statistical models and machine learning; to process data of marketing interest.

Using the specialized language R

Text mining,
16 hour bootcamp

Different techniques to organize and analyze data from various text sources (books, articles, opinions online) that represent about 80% of the information sources.

Using the specialized language R

Investment analysis

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign:
Applying Data Analytics in Finance

Course part of the online Master of Business Administration (iMBA).

Fundamentals of financial analytics and its real applications in business environments. Analysis of time series and risk analysis in portfolios; in order to optimize the construction of portfolios and make forecasts.

Université de Genève:
Understanding the financial markets

Characteristics, particular risks and opportunities of the main financial markets; as well as its relationship with the economy.

Relevant analysis to select the best alternatives in the construction of the investment portfolio.

Université de Genève:
Portfolio and risk management

Modern theory regarding optimal portfolio construction, different styles applied in its creation and the relevant analysis to measure the risk of portfolios.

Portfolio management based on mathematical risk analysis, depending on strategies and tactics in agreement to investors' prospects.

Finance fundamentals,
bootcamp de 28 horas

Investment analysis and construction of optimal portfolios based on risk and return.

Using the specialized language R

Food and beverage management

ABC of baking

Theoretical-practical course, given by the National Chamber of the Bakery and Similar Industry of Mexico.

Basic concepts and technical skills for the production of bread in general, such as: puff pastry, cakes, rolls, etc.

Physicochemical characteristics of the ingredients, and their applications.

HACCP: A Basic Concept for Food Safety

Course certified by The International HACCP Alliance

Focused to implement a HACCP system (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) within a food producing company; developing control systems that provide a high level of guarantee in food safety.

Basic confectionery workshop

Theoretical-practical course, focused on the production of sweets such as: chocolates and candies.

Physicochemical control, manufacturing technologies, material balances and related concepts.


Universidad de Palermo:
Perception psychology

Human beings construct their reality from the sensations they capture from the environment, and interpret in many ways such information within their minds.

Course focused on understanding said process and the characteristics that represent it, considering the aspects emotional and various theories that try to explain the way we process reality.

Université de Genève:
Meeting investors' goals

Emotions and cognitive biases cause changes in decisions that investors tend to take.

Course focused on knowing what mental and emotional aspects affect behavior of the markets, understanding their effects and to make better investment decisions.

University of Michigan:
Problem Solving Using Computational Thinking

Correct statement of problems that can be solved with computational tools..

Solutions to problems of varying complexity through algorithms, logical thinking and processes of abstraction.

Scientific investigation

Young people towards research

Second place winner in short-term research.

Chemical identification of compounds obtained from bean testa with activity: antioxidant, bactericidal, virucidal and fungicide; using methods of instrumental chemical analysis.

Analysis of data obtained and elaboration of technical report and poster for the communication of results.

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